Nothing happens in a vacuum. We all interact and live in a state of equilibrium to other elements, be they animal, the land, the built environment, man himself. It is the interaction that is key, not the agents themselves. The interaction often has a multitude of influences and is in constant movement, this is fundamental, not being inherently “right” or “wrong”, just moving.

As part of this balance there are moments in time where we are close to something big, a state of change or sudden shift, not just the small oscillations or feeling of stability. It is these moments of proximity to a precipitous change that I have explored in this tintype project – it might be proximity to fear, love, joy, loss, grief, death, anger, suffering. These may be times of acute destabilisation but we often have mixed awareness of them before, during and after. At times we can feel it coming or be completely surprised by a plunge into chaos. Interestingly, these are not necessarily big events in our lives that precipitate the change, it may be a small trigger, a momentary realisation, a small interaction, a seemingly minor choice and we find ourselves in a completely different state, plotting a different course with no return. May the butterfly flap its wings; more on that later.

I found the tintype or wet plate collodion process was a great starting point as this year I wish to take the old processes and push them into a contemporary freedom. See my blog post here. Old/New This project was a much more specific view of some of the key themes and ideas I worked on in the Equilibrium project. Found here: Equilibrium.

More work on tintypes to follow. Keep up with my blogs and social media.