The Motel Idea.

I have long been fascinated with the endurance of the old style motel as part of our identity. We have a transient relationship with them but all the while they stand waiting: predictable and reliable. Motels are an idea we borrowed but now feels like ours, few people have never stayed in one. There’s the allure of the signs promising Colour TV, Heated Pool or Airconditioning, too frequently offset with the signs full of rules; No Diving, One Car Only, No Smoking. The unmistakable waft of industrial grade air freshener which seems to do the opposite of freshening. Work in progress, this is an idea to be added to and revisited.

Tropicana motel building with harsh shadow



Motel behind bare frangiapani



Mermaid Park Motor Inn sign and wall




Classic Motel sign and white wall



Old motel with overgrown garden



plain brick motel with parking sign