Equilibrium and Interaction.

Interaction is key to all around us. At a very base level, everything that we sense, do or occurs around us is a result of complex and changing interactions: weather, politics, relationships, traffic, learning or endangered species. The more specific notion that this project explores is that the inter-acting elements in our world live in a state of constant flux and emergence: equilibrium if you like. This series of images explores ideas at the level of the interactions between humans, nature and the built environment. The equilibrium of course changes, some at barely detectable pace, some exponentially but none of them are static, all that can alter in a human or individual’s sense is their perception of the current state. Very importantly, this project also seeks to challenge the notion of something being inherently right or wrong, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, attack or defense, it just is.

Two of these images received awards at the 2017 AIPP APPAs. (Australian Professional Photography Awards).

Awards and Exhibitions.

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