I an award winning fine art and commercial photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. My fine art work involves contemporary digital and analogue processes varying from film to tintypes and wet plate collodion photography. My main area of interest is the exploration of our place in the world and how we inter-act within it Рthe complex relationships  between humans, nature and the environment we have built around us. Underpinning my work is a strong thread of concepts and ideas and my photography is innovative, contemporary and sometimes challenging.  See my Portfolio and Blog for more.

My recent awards and exhibitions can be found here: Awards and Exhibitions.

My commercial and corporate photography website can be found here: http://www.pbphoto.melbourne

I am available for commercial work by quotation or art commissions. Please contact via the email contact form or via social media.

Some selected editioned works are available for sale via Blue Thumb Gallery: https://bluethumb.com.au/photography/artists/peter-bratuskins