Can we teach an old dog new tricks?

This will be a big theme for 2018. Having meddled with analogue processes when I started photography and in a number of ways since, this year is about taking old processes into the contemporary world. Let’s start peeling back the layers of the onion as to where Old/New takes me.

In late 2017 I took on the quite significant challenge of learning the wet plate collodion/tintype process (thanks Ellie Young at Gold St StudiosĀ http://www.goldstreetstudios.com.au/ ). I did trials of some working ideas for new projects with some borrowed gear and a mobile darkroom that I built. This process is not easy but it hooks you in really fast. First project is available https://peterbratuskins.com.au/portfolio/proximity/. Oh yes, there is a new website as well, have a poke around if you like.

For now, it’s time to keep moving on with the theme. This month involves a test drive of my new/old Horseman 4×5 camera, a Schneider and some B&W film sheets. Large format in the mountains….feeling a bit f64 which isn’t a bad starting point. Hopefully something to show for it.

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